Sunday, 18 September 2011

Outpost - Poster analysis

The genre of the movie is action horror

An example of technical codes used in this genre are the camera angles, they create fear and tension by using close ups and ground level angles. The characters clothing, hair and make up are all examples of Symbolic code, as they are used to make a character look scary which will make the film scary. Another example is the setting and location, this can set the scene and create fear within the film.

The conventions used are that the film has a villain, who is usually physcopathic and will more than likely have his own way of killing people, such as stabbing, strangling etc. On the other hand, there is a good character, who competes with the villain and will overcome the villain at the end of the film. The aim of of the genre is to generate fear into the audience, this is created by using peoples vulnerabilities, such as the dark. blood, spiders etc.

The signifiers in the poster include the title 'Outpost', this is written in the colour red which signifies blood and violence. The title itself is also a signifier as an Outpost is a small military compound which is in a remote area hidden away from people, this would be an ideal location for a horror movie. The soldiers behind the title that are overlooking suggests that they are the bad guys, this is because they are standing in the dark and also have a none-human look in their face.

The denotative levels of meaning on the poster is that there is a group of German soldiers with none-human faces, they are also staring straight ahead which will create fear into the viewers eyes as they stare at each other!

The connotative meanings in the poster is hatred as they are Nazi zombies, they were taught to hate everyone and everything that wasnt German and now they are living dead, it makes the hatred even worse as they will be seeking revenge to those who killed them.

They are communicating to the audience by using a historical event which will interest many but adding their own little story such as the living dead. They are using all the traditional ways of expressing a genre, such as darkness and red which is a good way to create the scary factor.


  1. Jack, the level of detail is good and you are on the right track, well done. Please rememeber to add links to other websites, where you can for support. Also to impress the exam boards add as much images/videos etc as you can.

  2. Ok I will add links to backup my work and I will also add images and videos to also backup what I am saying in my reports so that my points are valid.