Thursday, 22 September 2011

Film openings

First film opening
Outpost (2008)

Genre: Action Horror

The conventions of this genre are that the scenes are very dark, this builds suspense and tension. There is always a lead character that will most likely survive. The killer always has a trademark, for example, the weapon he uses or the method of which he kills. The good guy always defeats the bad guy (Killer) in the end.
The main connotation is that you can see them preparing for a battle, as the one is counting his bullets, they are also in a marines uniform and are driving in an army truck. We can also see that the weather is very cold, and dark. This adds to the emotion as the weather is bad.

Due to the actors being in the Marines, it gets the viewers on their side, and it tells the audience that they are the good guys.

The key signifiers are that you can hear dogs in the background, this makes the audience unsettled as realistically when you hear a dog barking and growling it shows anger. As the film starts, you can hear thunder and the tires on the road driving over puddles, this shows the weather is horrible as its raining, therefore the atmosphere is dull and dark. You can also hear people speaking in a different language (none English) so this suggests that they are in an environment that they are not used to being in, then one actor then asks if he speaks 'any' language, and the other replies 'yes, unlike the rest around here'. When the two men are speaking in the bar, the one says that he can get to a certain area but does not advise it, this suggests that the mission they are going on is very dangerous and is not suitable. Another signifier is the title 'Outpost', as an outpost is a hidden military compound which is in a remote area and very few people know where it is, this would be an ideal location for a horror film.

The sequence tells us that the movie will be about a war as the characters are in uniform and their vehicle is an army truck. The sequence also suggests that they are on a dangerous mission as one character says 'I wouldn't recommend going there'. The introduction also insinuates that something bad is going to happen as the weather is bad, there is tension amongst the characters and they are preparing their guns.

The audience that is being targeted would be people that like horror movies and also those that like films about war. I know this because it has all the codes and conventions of a horror movie and also that they are wearing war uniforms and are driving in an army truck. In addition, I also know this because of the title 'Outpost', as its a military compound that is hidden, which is related to war.

Second film opening
Blitz (2011)

Genre: Crime / Thriller

The conventions of this genre is that the film usually involves kidnappings, revenge, heists, ransoms and captivities. This genre provides thrills and will keep the audience on the egde of their seat whilst the plot builds up to a climax. Crime-Thrillers usually keep the attention away from the criminal or the detective, so that the audiences focus is on the suspense and danger that is included in the film.

The technical and symbolic codes in the sequence are that when the sequence starts, you can hear calm and relaxing music, which fits in with the characters emotion as he is lyeing down on the sofa relaxing. We also see the character by a long shot, this is so we can see his environment which suggests he is at home relaxing. We also see from the characters body language and facial expression that he has just been woken up, we can tell its night time as the room is dim and lit up by lamps. We then get a close up of him pouring alcohol into his cup, which tells us about the characters personality as he likes to drink. The character then gets a Hurly which is used in hocky, this tells us that the character is dangerous.

The key signifiers are that you can hear people making noise in the background, this suggests that its a nasty area and this fits into the crime genre. You can also hear a dog barking, which suggests it is reacting to the noise being created by the people. As he looks out of the window, you can see them surrounding a car, he then picks up a hurly, which he will use as a weapon. As he approaches them, you can see that they are wearing hoodies and also have weapons (apart from the crowbar used to get into the car), this fits into the stereotype of the misbehaving youth of the 20th century which tells us they are the bad guys here. As they are fighting, you can see cars in the background driving by, this shows that the setting is in a main town and it is busy.

This sequence tells us that the movie is going to contain alot of action such as fighting and that the audience will enjoy the thrills. It suggests that the rest of the movie will be about the character stopping people from doing wrong (as he takes it into his own hands when stopping the thiefs).

The audience being targeted is people that like a film with alot of action and thrill, I know this because they have put fighting in the very first scene which will appeal to the audience and make them want to see more.

Third film opening
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Genre: Action / War

War movies often relate to the wars that took place in history or sometimes they can be made up. The film tells a story that took place and can make the audience emotional as they can relate to it. It also makes the audience think about all the people that took part in winning the battle as most people watching would have been effected by the war due to their grandparents participating in it.

The technical and symbolic codes in this sequence are that the camera is panning along and showing the characters emotion as he walks, he walks with a limp and looks very emotional, we also get a close up and can see tears in his eyes as he looks into the cemetry. As he is walking, you can see people following him behind, these look like they are family as they look concerned for the character and are following him into the graveyard. We also see an American and French flag which suggests the film will be about the war. The music that continues throughout the opening scene is very relaxing and calm, this adds to the emotion that has been created by the characters acting.

The key signifiers are that you can hear relaxing and calm music played throughout which adds to the emotion created by the characters, the war is a sensitive subject and the music helps add even more sensitivity to the emotion. We also see a grave yard, which signifies death, we also can see that it is related to the war by the way the graveyard is set out, this creates even more emotion as it makes the audience think about all the war heroes that died to protect the country.

The sequence tells us that the movie will be about War, it also suggests that we are going to see the old mans version of the war as we start to 'go into his eyes' at the end of the scene. In addition, this suggests we are going to see alot of action as war movies contain a lot of fighting and explosions.

The audience being targeted are people that were involved in the war and also people that want to find out what happened or/and are interested in the war that took place.

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