Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Our film treatment

The main theme is a man going to the extremes to clear his name and prove his innocence. He must make the government, police and even his own family believe he is not responsible for the murder of the government official.

The distinctive main character is an average going guy with a normal day job as a car factory worker. He has a loving family with a wife and two kids. His life then turns upside down when he loses everything in his life that was important to him, he then has nothing to lose.

The main characters goal is to make everyone believe he is innocent of everything pinned on him and gain the trust and love of his family back. He will do this by holding hostage a government official that knows the truth about his story, but is framing this man instead. As you would imagine, it starts to get out of control and with nothing to lose, who knows what the man will do.

The ones that stand in his way however are the police the government and the the special agents. They are intent in pinning everything on top of him and driving him to extreme lengths.

The stake on him is his life, dignity and family without these three he has nothing to lose in order to keep driving him on to make sure he proves the corruption put upon him.

The location of this film opening is in the suburbs of the city where the man is holding a government official hostage.

The other main and distinctive character is the special agent who wants to make sure the real truth does not get out.  That the innocent man will face the consequences and feel the wrath of the governments corruption enslaving the country.

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