Thursday, 27 October 2011

Codes and Conventions of Film Openings

The film openings mainly begin by showing the production companies logo, for my example I will be using 'Universal Pictures'.
Universal Pictures start off their films by showing their logo:
Cowboys and Aliens:

Another film that was produced by Universal Pictures is 'Death Race 2', instead of using the main logo in the trailer to promote the film, they just said 'From Universal Pictures'

Another example is 'The Adjustment Bureau'

All three of the films include the production companies logo (Universal) in the first few seconds of starting the opening scene.

After showing the productions logo it will then go straight into the movie or show other important information such as the director or members of the cast.

On cowboys and aliens, it shows another production company called 'Dreamworks' before continuing onto the film. (shown below)

As the film begins, we then see the setting as we get an image of the location that the character is in. (shown below)

This location looks empty which can suggest the character is lost/deserted as there is nothing happening at the location.

The symbolic codes in this image is that it is a field (rural area) which is where cowboys traditionally ride, and as the film is called 'Cowboys and Aliens' it is a perfect location.

This is setting the scene, they also do this with the two other examples:

Death race 2:

The opening shot on Death race 2 shows a building surrounded by sea and just one road for the entrance/exit. This shows the building is in the middle of no where.

The symbolic codes in this image is that it shows a building surrounded by sea, we find out that it is infact a prison as the film progresses, the image suggests that to us as the building looks highly protected as their is only one way to access/exit the building.

The adjustment Bureau:

The opening shot for 'The adjustment Bureau' shows one man in a building on his own, this is telling us where he is and suggests the man is abit lonely.
The symbolic code in this image is that it shows a man on his own which suggests he is lonely, as the film goes on he falls in love and fights for the women he loves, which shows he doesn't want to be lonely anymore.

A technical code for all three of these openings is that they start with music, this interests the audience and keeps their attention.

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