Friday, 21 October 2011


What is your age group?
16-24    25-34   35-44    44+

What is your gender?
Male   Female

What is your favorite genre?
Thriller   Comedy   Action   Romantic   Sci-Fi    War

What makes you want to watch a film in this genre?
Cast   Director   Genre   Good trailer   Storyline

What is your favorite type of character?
Villain  Hero  Victim   Other

What makes a good villain in a thriller?
Serial   Physco   Terrorist   Other

Which setting do you prefer for a thriller?
City   Little village  Town   Workplace   Other

What kind of weapon do you prefer?
Gun   Knife   Bombs   Psychological

What is your favorite sub-genre?
Psychological Thriller   Action Thriller   Horror Thriller   Other

What is your prefered ending to a thriller?
Evil character surviving (cliff hanger)   Good guy provalling   Innocent killed   Unexpected

The results of our questionnaire are as follows, a total of 10 people were asked:

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