Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Final Decisions

My group have now made our final decisions on the costumes, lighting, props and mis-en-scene. The costumes we have chosen are sunglasses as it hides the persons identity as the first thing people look at when meeting someone is their eyes. The idea of our protagonist being an MI5 agent means that he should not be recognisable as it would blow his cover. The next part of the agents costume is a suit, this will make him look professional and smart, it is also a common convention of spy thriller movies. The main part of the costume for the protagonist is a red handkerchief that he always carries around with him.

The decisions we have made for lighting is that there will be a dull contrasting light set to allow a tense atmosphere. However the action scenes will contain blurred light as it shows that the action is fast paced and there will also be an intense brightness constantly lighting up to show the good overcoming the evil.

The mis-en-scene decision we have made is that we will use an abandoned building as the location of where the murder takes place, simply because this symbolises that he is isolated. The other locations we have decided to use is the city centre as it contains modern and sleek buildings which gives a hi-tech and modern feel.

The props we have decided to use is the weapon being a gun, as this is seen as a tidy and effective way of killing someone rather than a knife or any other weapon that will leave a mess, which doesn't help an agent cover his tracks. For this, we will have to use a replica and try to make it look realistic as this is the only weapon we can get.

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