Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final cut introduction

Today I recorded a mini clip to use with the blue screen. The idea I did was that I was reporting on an alien attack on the white house, the way I did this was a 'spoof' where it was a serious report about an alien attack on the white house but it was interrupted by a 'goal update' via sky sports news, it was a 29 second clip and the timing had to be spot on so that the explosion was in time. I worked in a group and I did the acting of the reporter, I had to stand in front of the blue screen whilst my partner recorded me, to edit the mini clip and have the white house as the background image I am going to use Final Cut Express, at the moment I have encountered a problem which has set back my progress, the file type for the clip is not compatible with Final Cut.

An example of the blue screen is shown below:
The actor stands infront of the blue screen whilst the camera records, then you can use Final Express to put in your desired background. This is an advantage as it means you dont have to be in the location, for example: I dont really have to be outside of the white house, I can use Final Express to make it look like I am.

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