Monday, 14 November 2011

Updated Treatment

The setting is an abandoned building inside the suburbs within the city. This is to symbol isolation and suggests the character faces a challenge and is out of his comfort zone. We will also be using a modern sleek setting to create a realistic, modern and a hi-tech atmosphere.

The protagonist is an MI5 agent who has received an order from his superiors to execute a fellow MI5 agent who happens to be his best friend, the protagonist refuses to carry out the order and when he arranges to meet his friend in an abandoned building to tell him whats going on, he is followed by another MI5 agent who then kills Agent GreyFox, the blame is then pinned on the protagonist, the protagonist then does everything to clear his name and does everything possible to avoid losing his family and friends.

The adversary is the government who ordered the protagonist to execute his best friend and have pinned the blame on the protagonist to cover there own backs, they will do everything possible to stop the protagonist revealing the truth.

The three act structure in our film begins with our protagonist, Agent Raiden, who is told to execute a target in an unknown location, this is his normal day-to-day life as he is an MI5 agent, as the film progresses it is revealed that the target is infact a fellow MI5 agent who happens to be one of the protagonists friends, agent GreyFox, the orders from the government to execute him is still active, however the protagonist refuses to carry the orders out, the government then get another agent from another department to do the job, agent GreyFox is then executed and the murder is blamed on the protagonist, agent Raiden. The resolution is when agent Raiden finally proves his innocence and the corrupt members of the government are brought to justice and agent Raiden is reunited with his family to start his new life.

The theory we are using to structure our film is the Tzvetan Todorov equilibrium theory. The equilibrium will be a normal day where the protagonist is talking to his friend about what they want to do once they reach retirement, the disequilibrium is the government disrupting his average day by asking him to execute his friend due to Intel that he possesses, he then faces a range of challenges in order to get back to his normal average day, which results in a new equilibrium and a different way of living his life.

The character types:
Protagonist - Agent Raiden
Adversary - Government
Heroine - Wife and kids
Helper - Computer specialist
Authority figure - Older brother

Our films Binary oppositions consist of the following:
Good     vs     Evil         (Agent Raiden vs Government)
In todays modern world the people are against the government as they are increasing tax and making decisions that the public dont like, this automatically puts the audience on side of our protagonist, agent Raiden. To represent the good characters, they will be wearing white, the bad guys will be wearing black, so it will be White vs Black to represent Good vs Bad, this is so the audience know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

In the film Johnny English, he looks like a stereotypical agent with his suit, this is what we will be using in our film to indicate who the good guys are and who are the bad guys.

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